NB: this web page dates from my time at Oxford University. It is no longer being updated and does not refer to current teaching practice; it is archived purely for reference purposes. Resources for Students     Reading Lists - IR Core Course (214) Reading List - IR in the Cold War (213) Reading List - IR in the Era of Two World Wars (212) Reading List      Other Resources - Advice on the Oxford Essay  - Tutorial Essay Coversheet - Mid-Term Feedback Sheet - End of Term Feedback Form  Resources for Teachers - Some Reflections on Teaching, including an overview of some of the links below - Mind the Gap: Using Formative Assessment to Narrow Perception Gaps in Tutorial Teaching - teaching portfolio for the Higher Education Academy - Allan Patience, The Art of Loving in the Classroom: A Defence of Affective Pedagogy - the teaching philosophy of my most inspiring teacher - The DPIR's Teaching Guide - good solid introduction... but no longer available to students (except here) - Institute for the Advancement of University Learning: links to many useful documents on teaching development and support including research, concrete advice and how to develop your teaching experience into a formal portfolio - IAUL's Learning & Teaching Pages: summaries of research on the learning and teaching process, and issues specific to the Oxford tutorial system - Weblearn Teaching Resources for the Social Sciences (Oxford only): links to some of the articles cited here and to information on how to do a teaching portfolio; also information on the 'Teaching the Social Sciences' lunchtime reading group convened by Dr David Mills, which runs each term - The Sabri Report on graduate teachers' experiences in the DPIR - Or contact your departmental teaching coordinator (in the Social Sciences)
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