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Hello! I am a Reader (Associate Professor) in international politics in the School of Politics and International Relations at Queen Mary, University of London, and a Research Associate at the Asia Research Centre of Murdoch University in Perth, Australia. I specialise in the study of political economy, social conflict, state transformation and security in the global south, particularly in East Asia. I am an expert in the politics, political economy and international relations of Southeast Asia (ASEAN) and China. I have also worked on Iraq, South Africa and Israel/ Palestine. I have written about revolution, intervention, state-building, economic sanctions, non-traditional security, democratisation and regime change, among other things. My current work is on the rise of China and Chinese relations with Southeast Asia, including the Belt and Road Initiative, the South China Sea, Chinese development financing . See my research and publications links above for full details. Journalists can read about my media expertise on the media page. Students and fellow teachers can also access information about my teaching, while the articles link provides a list of my non-scholarly articles, essays and reviews. You can also access my blog where I post occasional updates on my research and media activities, and reflections on political and economic developments. I also blog at The Disorder of Things and  The Current Moment. You can contact me by emailing l.c.jones[at]qmul.ac.uk. Please note I am on research sabbatical until January 2019.
Latest Updates 8.5.18: new article on Chinese development financing 21.03.18: new chapter on hybridity in peacebuilding