Murdoch and News of the World

August 3, 2011

I am quoted in the Slovenian newspaper Vecer on the NewsCorp hacking scandal. The report (in Slovenian) is here. What I said in English follows (the reporter only cut the first sentence):

What the hacking scandal reveals is the intertwined nature of big business and the state in Britain. Rupert Murdoch has enjoyed privileged access to the last five prime ministers; top politicians and policemen regularly wine and dine and receive hospitality from senior NewsCorp executives and newspaper editors; and lower-ranking police officers have received their share through crude cash payments. These cosy relations, which have obviously distorted both government policy on media concentration and the criminal investigations into the hacking scandal, are nothing new – and they certainly aren’t limited to NewsCorp. The British state needs to get out of bed with big business if it is to stem its declining popular legitimacy.

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