• Monocle 24 IV

    January 22, 2013

    I appeared again on Monocle 24 last night to discuss events in Asia. The segment starts here, about 47 minutes in as usual. The items I discussed were: Despite Donor Love-in and Ceasefire Pledge, Kachin War Continues (Irrawaddy) Abe cements ties with Southeast Asia to counter China (Kyodo) and Japan and China struggle to curb […]

  • Monocle 24 III

    January 11, 2013

    Last night I appeared again on Monocle 24 to discuss the day’s news in Asia. Here are the links to the stories I selected: Runaway grandmother sparked savage skirmish on LoC (The Hindu) Lao case a ‘slap in face’ for Asean (Bangkok Post) and Vietnam jails 13 for subversion under “draconian” charges (Reuters) Myanmar urged […]

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