• Two important essays

    May 31, 2007

    Apologies for the lack of updates and inspiration recently. I’ll perhaps have some time over the weekend to write a post. In the meantime, if you have 20 minutes to spare I’d highly recommend two important new essays, one on climate change and one on UK housing policy. The former is probably the best thing […]

  • From Barricades to Baghdad

    May 18, 2007

    A piece of mine analysing the political careers of the generation of 1968 is published today in the Cherwell, which traces the collapse of a humanist, revolutionary movement into a domestically tarnished, hyper-interventionist clique. I was very shocked today to learn that one such ’68er, Bernard Kouchner, who I reference a number of times in […]

  • Reflections on the Labour leadership

    May 17, 2007

    As most people expected, Gordon Brown is to be the next Labour Party leader and hence Prime Minister in what people have been calling a “coronation” for some time now. Brown is the “crown prince”, the designated “successor” — there’s no need for an election. This is undoubtedly bad for democracy and bad for the […]

  • Going out with a shrug

    May 11, 2007

    You have to ask yourself exactly who was supposed to be convinced by the rapturous send-off afforded Tony Blair in his Sedgefield constituency yesterday as he announced his impending resignation as leader of the Labour Party and hence Prime Minister. It has to be the most carefully stage-managed exit in political history. Understandably, analysis of […]

  • The End of the Union?

    May 2, 2007

    My reflections on the upcoming Scottish elections are published in an article for Sp!ked.

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