Here is a list of various non-scholarly articles, essays and reviews that have been published over the last few years - for details of my academic publications, click research. These articles represent interventions on various topics related to my personal, professional and political interests, including education, British society and politics, animal research, academic freedom. There are also a few reviews of films and stage shows. Please note some external links are broken due to poorly maintained websites elsewhere. 2011 - Oddly Plodding and Calm, Culture Wars, 3 November (review of Contagion, directed by Steven Soderberg) 2010 - Time to Work With the Burmese People, The Australian, 10 November - Burma: Sanctions Won’t Help, Le Monde Diplomatique, 9 November 2009 - Kein Fortschritt ohne Wirtschaftswachstum, Novo Argumente, 11 November 2009, 58-61: German translation of my essay, Slam Dunk the Funk: Defending Progress in the Age of Environmentalism - Historicising the Therapeutic Turn Culture Wars, 7 August 2009: report on the fifth session of 'Changing the Subject: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Emotional Well-Being and Social Justice' - Adapting to Alienation Culture Wars, 10 June 2009: report from the fourth session of 'Changing the Subject: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Emotional Well-Being and Social Justice' seminar series) - IR and the Ivory Tower Journal of Critical Globalisation Studies blog: should academics be policy-relevant? - Undermining Academic Freedom, Oxford Magazine no. 286 (Hilary Term 2009), 5: critique of ESRC plans for doctoral training centres - Turandot produced by Ellen Kent - reviewed for Oxford Daily Info, 15 March 2009. - Report on ‘Lese Majeste in Thailand: The Enemy of Democracy’, New Mandala, 27 February 2009: a talk by Giles Ji Ungpakorn I hosted and chaired at Oxford - Resisting Emotional Education Culture Wars, 3 February 2009: report on the second ESRC/RSA seminar series on 'Changing the Subject: Emotional Well-Being and Socio-Economic Justice' at which I was a discussant - In Memoriam: Samuel P. Huntington Oxonian Review 8:1 (2009), 26 January: obituary of the controversial scholar - What Makes Community? Culture Wars, 16 January 2009, review of Dave Clements et al., The Future of Community (Reports of a Death Greatly Exaggerated) 2008 - General Petraeus's Surge has Failed in Every Respect The First Post, 3 November 2008: critique of the Iraq Surge and a warning about replicating it in Afghanistan - Schrödinger's Villain Culture Wars 13 November 2008: review of Quantum of Solace - Therapy Culture and its Critics Culture Wars 2 October 2008: review of The Dangerous Rise of Therapeutic Education by Kathryn Ecclestone and Dennis Hayes - Slam Dunk the Funk: Defending Progress in the Age of Environmentalism in Best of the Battles in Print  (Institute of Ideas: London, 2008), based on my remarks at the Battle for Progress in June 2008 - The Moralistic Myth of the 'Demon Drink' spiked-online, 24 September 2008: rubbishing the latest government propaganda on alcohol - Children, Forward to the Glorious Green Future! spiked-online, 12 August 2008: attacking the recruitment of children to police adults' carbon footprints - Animal Farm produced by Creation Theatre Company - reviewed for Oxford Daily Info, 30 July 2008 - Ideal Growth? Culture Wars, 10 July 2008: review of The Dragon and the Elephant: China, India an the New World Order by David Smith, and Adam Smith in Beijing: Lineages of the 21st Century, by Giovanni Arrighi. Revised version reprinted in China Review no. 44 (Autumn, 2008), p. 14 - March of the Eco-Imperialists The First Post, 4 July 2008: criticises the low horizons of 'sustainable development' - Heroes Buried by Development Culture Wars 25 June 2008: review of the Chinese film Ji jie hao (Assembly) - No Strings Attached Cherwell 23 May 2008: call for unconditional aid to be offered to the victims of Cyclone Nargis in Burma - The Most Disappointing Generation Ever Produced? 1968ers, from Barricades to Baghdad Cherwell, 18 May 2007: whatever happened to the '68ers, and why? (as reproduced on Culture Wars, 11 May 2008) - Food in Crisis? Cherwell 2 May 2008: why are we experiencing a food price crisis? - A Poster-Nun For the West Culture Wars, 21 April 2008: review of the film Mother Teresa: In the Name of God's Poor - Is West Papua being eco-colonised? spiked-online, 2 April 2008: critique of green and indigenist notions of self-determination - A Cycle of Agent-less Violence Culture Wars, 31 March 2008: review of the film Battle for Haditha - Radical Oxford Blues (with Maria Grasso and George Hoare) Culture Wars, 31 March 2008: report on the first Oxford Radical Forum - Rehabilitating Western Meddling spiked-online, 25 March 2008: discussion of the UK government's 'Register of Risks'   2007 - The Bomb is Not the Problem Culture Wars, 25 November 2007: review of The Politics of Heaven: America in Fearful Times by Earl Shorris - Free Speech in Oxford Cherwell 23 November 2007: a call for an end to 'no platform' policies as illiberal and counter-productive - The Grinch Who Stole Christmas Cards spiked online, 19 November 2007: criticism of schools banning Christmas cards on environmental grounds; you can also listen to my follow-up appearance on Ireland’s NewsTalk radio station - The Iraq War: The Strip-Tease of Democracy Battles in Print (Institute of Ideas: London, 2007), accompanying the Battle of Ideas session on Iraq. Selected for the Times’ 'Pick of the Web'  - Liberalism is Dead Culture Wars, 1 August 2007: review of the film Jesus Camp - From Barricades to Baghdad Cherwell, 18 May 2007: how did the anti-imperialists of 1968 end up cheer- leading the Iraq War? - The End of the Union? spiked-online, 2 May 2007: is Scotland really about to become independent? - Turning Kids Green with Fear spiked-online, 12 March 2007: an attack on green fear-mongering aimed at children - If We Want Open Borders, We Need Open Debate (with Maria Grasso), spiked-online, 5 March 2007: a call for pro-immigrationists to stop trying to silence their opponents and win the argument publicly instead - SPEAK Out Cherwell, 26 January 2007: why it is wrong to ban animal rights - or any - protests - Game Over for Mankind? spiked-online, 6 February 2007: review of a misanthropic BBC environmentalist game   2006 - Student Politics: A Post-Mortem Cherwell, n.d.: what on earth has happened to student politics? [broken link] - Battlefield: Decisive Conflicts in History by Richard Holmes - reviewed on Culture Wars, 21 September 2006 - Empire in Denial: The Politics of State-building by David Chandler - reviewed on Culture Wars, 21 September 2006 - European Universalism: The Rhetoric of Power by Emmanuel Wallerstein - reviewed on Culture Wars, 5 July 2006 - After the Neo-Cons by Francis Fukuyama - reviewed on Culture Wars, 23 June 2006 - DC Confidential: The Controversial Memoirs of Britain's Ambassador to the US at the Time of 9/11 and the Iraq War by Christopher Meyer - reviewed on Culture Wars, 11 April 2006 2005 - Overseas Students: Cared-for, or Cash Cows? Oxford Magazine no. 241 (Trinity Term 2005) - General Election 2005 Cherwell, n.d. [broken link] - Should the UN Retire at 60? Cherwell, 13 May 2005 [broken link] - Respect for One and All Cherwell, 3 June 2005 [broken link] - Feminism: What Have Men Got To Do With It?, November 2005: a call for a focus on gender as a social construct that oppresses both men and women - King Cnut and the Tides of Globalization, October 2005: are we really powerless in the face of globalisation? 2004 - Battling Beloff Cherwell, 29 October 2004, attacks Oxford University leadership for threatening to privatise the university rather than meet government access targets [broken link] - Left Behind Cherwell, 12 November 2004: critique of ASBOs [broken link] - You Are What You Watch Cherwell, 19 November 2004: reality TV is degrading to the human spirit [broken link]
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